Music Mania

Mike Posner erupted into the music scene in 2010 with his hit single “Cooler Than Me”.   After that song some may say he ended up a ‘one-hit wonder’, but come 2016, he was back with chart topping music, much different than his older songs. His song ” I Took A Pill In Ibiza” shot to the top of the charts almost instantly. In my opinion, when you have a song that is way overplayed on the radio, then you know you made it. As soon as I heard this song I fell in love. Actually it was my sister that showed me his EP, “The Truth”.
Posner’s lyrics speak volumes about his experiences and his feelings. One of my favorite songs off of this EP is “Be As You Are”. The chorus is my favorite part.

“There are moments when you fall to the ground
But you are stronger than you feel you are now
You don’t always have to speak so loud, no
Just be as you are
Life is not always a comfortable ride
Everybody’s got scars that they hide
And everybody plays the fool sometimes, yeah
Just be as you are”

I feel like this is a lyric that everyone can relate to. In today’s society, everybody tries so hard to fit in and they lose who they really are. Life gets hard though and not everything goes as planned; you have to learn to ebb and flow.

I won’t go crazy into detail but this EP is a 10/10. I think that these are actually the best songs on his album as well, which you should also check out. It’s called “At Night, Alone”.


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