Summer Do’s Of 2016

So it seems that the new trend of 2016 is pastel hair. It only makes sense that this trend would continue into the summer, and especially in the summer. What better time to be daring and bold than in the warm months of summer vaca?


Go out of your comfort zone and try going gray. Apparently it’s not just for the elderly anymore! Or if you want something different, you can do a gray/ lilac balayage. I’ve noticed that most lilac hair fades to gray anyways so why not incorporate both?


 Pink pastel hair is another big trend that I’ve seen on Instagram and social media. I feel like it’s a color that looks good on almost everyone. Pink is a playful color that can be dressed up with a cute up-do or braid or can be left down and natural. I’m not really sure how to describe it other than cute! As seen in this photograph with outgrown roots, I also don’t think that it looks bad grown out. Which is a plus when it comes to touching up. Another fun look I’ve seen is when you have roots, you cover them in glitter.


Another wicked cool color is this muted blue/gray/idek what color to call this??? Plus can we please just take a second to appreciate the volume of her hair! Honestly, if I didn’t have a job where I can’t have unnaturally colored hair I would probably go out tomorrow and get this color. It’s different and it’s also classy. Imagine a gorgeous pulled back look. LOVE.

So I guess the point of my writing this is to say don’t be afraid to do something different this summer. It’s just hair and if you don’t like it, just change it back. Or who knows, you may grow to love it! Haha, get it? Because hair grows… ok bye.

Oh, also, check out this great slideshow of cute hair color trends for the summer if you want to be inspired.

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