Khloe Karda$$$hian


Khloe Kardashian recently launched her brand new denim line, Good American. They are really cute jeans designed with every woman in mind. They range from a size 0 to a 24. Khloe’s line was inspired by her past experiences with buying jeans. “Most designer brands didn’t carry my size,” she explained in an interview. “Buying denim was high anxiety.” Her new line is totally cute, but one thing that isn’t so cute, is the price. The prices start at $149 and go up to $215. Okay, Khlo, I get that you want women to feel more comfortable shopping for jeans but if I can’t even afford a fraction of them, how is that going to help me? I love jeans as much as the next person but why spend all that money when I can run down to my nearest Kohls and buy a great pair of jeggings for $35?

I’m not going to lie, these jeans are really adorable and I want every single
pair, but my wallet is screaming. I am a college student with tuition to pay, I can barely get myself to by food, never mind $200 jeans.

“I used to be a girl that would walk into a boutique and they didn’t have my size of denim and I was really body shamed into being too overweight. I couldn’t fit into their denim,” she shared. “So I’m fighting for all the real girls and all the girls with hips and curves, yes!”

The Good American line is designed with women in mind. It is focused o
n multiple body types, especially the more curvy figu
res. The styles include your classic skinny jean, a looser boyfriend style, and the infamous high-waisted jean.

“The Good Squad is a group of badass women who are individuals. They’re confident within themselves,” Khloé explained. “Enough of this cookie cutter crap. There is no one size fits all. I love that our girls are girls of all ethnicities and heights and sizes and blondes, brunettes, whatever you are. I love how confident they are.”

Khloe, I love your idea to make jeans that are more inclusive for women, but please, try to make them inclusive to our budgets as well.


What are your thoughts on this new size-inclusive clothing brand? Is it over the top or are you going to be purchasing some of these jeans?

(All quotes taken from People and Fortune.)

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