With elections tomorrow, I have a very serious pet peeve that is going to start soon.

People that have the power to vote, but don’t, and then complain about the election outcome.

Just don’t do it. You want to complain? Okay, cool, that’s fine, but make sure you get yourself to a voting booth first. If you are not allowed to vote due to age or not being a citizen, fine, you have an excuse. Unfortunately, many do not have that scape goat.

The top 5 reasons that people don’t want to vote are:

  1. They think their vote won’t count
  2. Busy
  3. Apathy
  4. Lines Are Too Long
  5. Don’t Like The Candidates

These are literally pathetic excuses. I’m sorry but it’s true. If you actually care about our country you should vote. We have the right to exercise our civil duties by taking place in electing our next Commander in Chief and if you aren’t going to bother trying to vote, how are you going to sit and watch the election, and then proceed to make comments on it.

I know right now especially with this election, the majority of those that aren’t voting are denying the polls because they dislike our candidates. Well, I’m sorry to tell you but this is the card we were dealt this election whether you like it or not. Whether you write someone in or vote for one of the two candidates, I really don’t care. Just vote.

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