IMPO: The Bachelor [Episode 2]

In my personal opinion…

Ok, so I just finished watching the second episode of The Bachelor season 21, it took a lot of time and patience, (thanks to all the commercials and my terribly slow wifi, @ mom and dad, let’s upgrade it), but I finally did it. You all know me, I am never short of opinions, and this will be no different. So let’s recap:

Group date 1: Corinne is a jealous hypocrite who happens to have gotten the group date rose (Nick, rethink your choices, please.) It’s one thing to take your top off in front of everyone to get a one-up, but it’s another to consistently interrupt other girls, and then get salty when someone interrupts you. “If you have a problem, tell me.” Ok Corinne, I do have a problem, it’s you. Stop being so problematic and acting like you’re Nick’s number 1. I highly doubt it will be you in the end, so let’s me mature here and stop flaunting your stolen Nick time.

One on One # 1: Danielle got the first one on one, I’m so happy for her. Nick took her up in a helicopter, they spent the day on a yacht, and then had a candle lit dinner. P E R F E C T. They both really opened up to each other, and I found it very touching the way he comforted her about her traumatic previous engagement situation. (Prayers for you, girl.) ANYWAYS, I thought it was extremely cute how he had cheese on the yacht for the both of them because hey, Wisconsin is the cheese state. I definitely think that them both being from the same area helps them feel more comfortable around each other. They have that in common and it is something to talk about.

Group date 2: Where do I begin…

[SIDE NOTE: I’m pretty sure Liz has mentioned that she and Nick had sex about 30 times so far, and I think I’ve heard the term “Jade and Tanner’s wedding” at least 50. Reminding you, this is the second episode.]

Ok back to group date 2, Liz was one of the few chosen for this date. Yay. (sarcasm) I wasn’t disappointed, I just also wasn’t thrilled. Also low key annoyed that she and Nick hadn’t had more of a conversation about the “Liz Situation” as Nick so kindly put it. But then again, I wouldn’t really want to talk to her either so… She definitely screwed up with telling Christen, don’t get me wrong, Christen was a wonderful friend by keeping the secret, but I just don’t think it was necessary. I do think that Liz had some sort of ulterior  motive to joining the show, and she didn’t make any sense when she talked. Everything she said was like a rubics cube; all over the place, and you had to twist and turn to get her to answer your questions and come up with a via(ll)ble story. (Haha, that pun though.) I’m just really glad that Nick put an end to it and sent her home.

Thoughts on the preview of episode 3: DUMB. If girls are going to leave over learning about Nick’s past hookups, they need to stop being so immature. It happened 9 months ago, before the show started. *Elsa voice* The past is in the paaaassstttt. LET IT GO DAMNIT. There was a 1/30 chance that you were going to marry him when the show started, he has been on The Bachelorette twice previously, as well as Bachelor in Paradise. He has slept with other women before. Get a grip. If you are going to let this issue give you the push to leave, then you clearly don’t “love” him like you say you do. I think the action that speaks volumes is the fact that he told her to leave in the first place.

Well, I think that’s enough ranting for one night. See you guys next Monday after episode 3 of, The Bachelor. Tune in to ABC at 8/7c.

xoxo Christina Cecilia

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