I owe so much to social media. Being able to connect with others and make friends I never would have been able to meet elsewhere, having access to music, and being able to express myself both in words and photos. Another thing that have been given to be through social media is: access. I have access to so much knowledge. I can travel the world without leaving my bed room. I can take a time machine back 100 years without lifting a finger. The knowledge that I have gained from social media and the internet is unfathomable.

Both lucky and unlucky for me though, I have discovered a multitude of interests and careers that both intrigue and inspire me. For someone like me, choosing just one particular interest is pretty much impossible. Now, I’m not saying that without social media I wouldn’t have realized these interests, but it has definitely widened my gaze and allowed me to explore all of them on a deeper level.

Over the past 3 years, I have committed to roughly 3 or 4 different majors. I have finally settled on a Liberal Arts major with concentrations in Psychology and English. As of today, I plan to go to graduate school to get my master’s in Education. Let’s be real though, tomorrow I could change my mind again. I constantly doubt myself and wonder if I am on the right path. Should I have worked harder and stayed in the sciences? Should I have worked towards being a vet? Should I have taken up an art’s major and furthered my photography skills? Every day is a doubt and a question, but us confused and indecisive people need to stick together! 

The only constant in my life is that I know I want to study abroad in Ireland. I want to finish up my bachelor’s degree and then potentially get my master’s overseas. It sounds dumb and impractical, but honestly, when have I ever been practical? (Don’t answer that.) As of currently, I am looking to study over at Queen’s University in Belfast, North Ireland for the spring semester of my junior year in college. If I get accepted to the exchange program, I would probably cry, because it is such a dream come true. Regardless, I will make my way there one way or another.

I suppose the title of this post is semi-irrelevant, but it felt fitting. My life is one big question mark, partly due to the affect that social media has had on my wants (hence the #). On that note, if someone asked me to describe myself or my life at this very moment, I would probably just say “#QuestionMark”.

Until next time,

xoxo Christina Cecilia