Wasteland, Baby! – REVIEW

At best, you’ll find a little remedy… at worst, the world will sing along.

To Noise Making (Sing)

Ladies and gentlemen, Hozier has done it once again. Five years after the release of his debut full-length album, Hozier, he has graced us once more with his new album, Wasteland, Baby!

Where do I begin? I’m sitting here trying to form a coherent sentence for how to describe these songs, and I am coming up short… which is no easy feat.

Wasteland, Baby! is comprised of 14 songs that transport the listener to a completely different world. As you listen, you truly feel like you are underwater (much like the cover art) and experiencing life for the first time.

I expected this album to have a more upbeat and pop/rocky vibe but was greeted with mellow tones and careful whispers. This by no means is a disappointment. I am extremely and pleasantly surprised by what Hozier has managed to portray.

The listener is left having to catch their breath after listening to the last song on the album which also happens to be the title track. “Wasteland, Baby!” is quite possibly the most refreshing song off of the entire album. The lyrics caress your ears with soft melodies and gentle guitar picking, not unlike “Cherry Wine” from his debut album.

“To Noise Making (Sing)” is one of the more upbeat songs and I can’t help but nod my head in time. The positivity that radiates from the lyrics mesh really well with the music itself. The background vocalists really add a unique dynamic to the chorus and I can’t wait to see this performed live.

“Talk” has a similar intro feel to “To Be Alone”, perhaps it is the bass? Hozier adds a great dynamic to the background with a nice little “hey yeah” which contrasts with the broodiness of the verses. This love song is definitely one of my top favorite tunes from this album.

“Imagine being loved by me…”


“Be” is quite the catchy bop and I am certainly not complaining. This is going to be my go-to car ride song (aka my 3-hour drive to Albany for the tour). The electric guitar within this song resonates a lot with Hozier, the debut album. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this song, but the background vocals are mesmerizing. I can’t stop listening!

Let me just say…. WOULD THAT I. Whoah. Hozier, you did not have to go this hard BUT YOU DID. For that, I thank you kindly. My Irish soul is shaking (though quaking, though crazy – see what I did there…). I really am so ecstatic that there is an Irish vibey song on this album. It’s all I could have ever asked for and more. I am so very grateful for this song. It has quickly found a little hole in my heart and nudged itself in there. I feel whole once more.

Overall, I could say SO MUCH more about this album and the rest of the songs but I think you would benefit by just listening to it for yourself.

I am so looking forward to seeing this masterpiece performed live on March 11th in Albany.

Until next time,